Image for Genius Server updates

New Genius Server Release v2.25.1

We worked hard since our last official release of version 2.22.9 and now we are ready: We can offer ABBYY Finereader Engine 12 support to all our partners, resellers and customers.

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Image for Genius MFP updates on Kyocera devices

Genius MFP Kyocera Client v2.22.8.2

Here it is: our new Genius MFP Client for Kyocera is now available! With several new features and improvements …

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Picture with the pixel written word "Security"

Genius Server – Recommended Update

This is a security related Genius Server Update. We recommend all customers to install the new Genius Server version 2.22.7 or higher. This is due to a GDPR reportable server malfunction that can occur if the configured directory service fails completely and the Genius Server login cache is cleared. The new versions are available in…

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Genius MFP skin update for 2020

Genius MFP design update

Bring color to your Genius MFP Client The new skin update of the Genius MFP comes with a fresh new look and feel.

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Old to new Download Portal

New Download Portal Online

Since our previous portal for partners and resellers was already a bit outdated, both technically and in terms of handling, we have set about setting it up from scratch. After intensive preparations and internal tests, the new download portal is online since mid-March. To meet the new legal data protection requirements but also to simplify…

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On the cutting-edge tech

On the cutting-edge technologies

Genius Lab is completing a full restructuring of the whole Genius Platform by integrating cutting-edge technologies such as Electron, Angular 6 and Progressive Web Apps through the Service Workers. The main idea is to boost up all our components using the cutting-edge technologies in order to be flexible, effective and rapid to cut the time…

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