We have these requirements, not only since 25 May 2018.

Because at the core, it is precisely these requirements that form the basis for the existence of our products.

In the beginning it was the authentication possibility at the multifunctional device, especially in optimized MPS projects (reduction of hardware costs) to be able to pick up print jobs safely and not to let printouts get into other hands. So workstation devices reduce, central systems with new added features make available.

However, it soon became clear that not everything an MFP can do was what all customers wanted. The central administration of rights, functions, etc. is a key element of our output management and ECM solutions.

The new EU data protection basic regulation (EU-DSGVO) gives the end user additional rights. Sensitive, possible penalties provide the necessary motivation to implement these rights. How we have done this, for example the right of information or the right to forget, you can read in our white paper.

Whitepaper English for GDPR – Download Document

Whitepaper Deutsch für DSGVO – Dokument Herunterladen


Would you like more details about the topic?

We have described what we can do for you in terms of data protection and IT security measures in another document, which is only available in German. Please contact us if you are interested.


Which security aspects are there in this environment, what has to be considered…

Together with you, our consultants will create appropriate security concepts in workshops that fit you exactly to ensure the secure operation of an output or ECM solution. Interested? Please contact us!

Author: Bernd C.