Bring color to your Genius MFP Client

Genius MFP main menu new design

The new skin update of the Genius MFP comes with a fresh new look and feel.

Strong colors

Strong colours help to identify individual functions more quickly and make them visible on the display.


In order to maintain a high recognition value, the symbols have remained the same. So previous users can find their way around easily and quickly. This way you quickly get used to the cheeky design.

Larger buttons

Large buttons simplify the operation. They are felt to be easier to reach.

Strong contrasts

In all sub-menus we use strong contrasts to make the individual menu items easier to understand.

More intuitive

The combination of all the above measures makes operation even easier and more intuitive.


The Pull Printing menu was adapted, with a menu entry for print job modifications. The flags for the languages were adapted to the angular design and the quit icon was modernized.

Only as update

This design update must also be installed as such. This means that after a normal installation the standard design will still appear. To activate the new design, a separate design update must be performed. We have already provided a corresponding manual and a video for the specialized trade.

Let me see…

… just look at the difference.


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Author: Bernd C.