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We certainly do, but only in our free time. When installing or configuring clients, we prefer to be seated at our desks, with a good cup of coffee.

You can do it to! Discover our new, free little helper, the Device Settings Tool which will at first be available for RICOH devices.

With the Device Settings Tool, the Genius MFP Ricoh SmartSDK Client can be comfortably:

  • Installed remotely,
  • Configured remotely,
  • Reboot remotely,
  • Updated remotely or
  • Uninstalled remotely

on multiple devices at the same time!

For more details, take a look at our technical documentation. Postpone hiking to forests and try the Device Settings Tool today! 

As always, you can find the download as a partner in the TIC. End customers, please contact your sales partner.

Author: GB Tech Team