Withepaper: IT Security + Data Privacy

Information on IT security and data protection

Since you might also be asked a lot more these days about the state of IT security and data protection inside your company, we compiled a white paper to assist you. It will provide you or your customers and their specialist departments, data protection officers and/or employee representatives with the relevant answers. There is general…

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Kategorie Bild für Device Setting Tools

Do you like hiking?

We certainly do, but only in our free time. When installing or configuring clients, we prefer to be seated at our desks, with a good cup of coffee.
You can do it to! Discover our new, free little helper, the Device Settings Tool which

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Picture for a critical vulnerability

spring4shell-zero-day vulnerability

Spring4shell-zero-day vulnerability (CVE-2022-22965)
Genius Bytes teams are currently reviewing with highest priority if product components are affected. More information can be found in our Technical Information Center.
If you are a registered reseller, you will find the direct link to the download …

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Picture for recomended security updates

Genius Server – Recommended Update 04/2022

This is a security related Genius Server Update.
We recommend all customers to install the new Genius Server version 2.27.4 or higher.
This is due to security updates and updates of open source components that the solution uses (e.g. Log4j).
Please also check if new Genius MFP Clients, especially Genius MFP Web Clients are available.

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Log4j Zero Day Vulnerability

This is security related information

Some Genius Bytes products use the Apache log4j library. The BSI has published a notice about a critical vulnerability in log4j (CVE-2021-44228).

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Image for Genius MFP updates on Canon devices

Genius MFP Canon Client v2.23.2.0

The new Genius MFP Client for Canon is available with support for devices of the Canon iR ADV DX C5800i Series!

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