Our customers are at the centre of everything that we do.

The software we develop removes obstacles and supports your objectives without the need for compromise. Most of our competitors require changes to an existing process or infrastructure; we change the solution so that you don’t have to change your business.

The benefits

  • Can be stored on-premise or in the cloud
  • Cost-saving
  • Customized front and back end processes, delivering one single efficient solution
  • Developed with customers in mind – each new release is based on your feedback
  • Improves fleet management
  • Enforces standardization and processes to help your business run more smoothly
  • Genius Bytes own framework technology, so features can be introduced across existing platforms
  • Current processes can be integrated on MFP devices without any additional roll-out
  • Transparency means you are involved every step of the way

Genius MFP

Using a print tracking and document accounting solution, our Genius MFP software manages print proactivity, improves efficiency of equipment and creates a better environment. It features a simple, intuitive interface which is based on the smartphone experience. It offers users:

  • Option to store personal settings
  • Multi-language capabilities
  • Personalizable home screen – choose the functions and settings that you need
  • Context related support and commands
  • Shortcuts
  • Context assistance.

Key features include:

  • Option for PIN authentication
  • Uses Direct Print Spooler (DPS), a centralized scalable service within CDDS to process and output print jobs
  • Delegation printing function, enabling users to share their print jobs with other users
  • Depending on printer driver and language, users have the option to modify print jobs
  • Any mobile device with a network connection can send a document for printing
  • User-related information can be made anonymous before it is written to the database, meeting data privacy requirements
  • Scan2Mail function allows documents to be emailed to any number of recipients
  • Users can define the subject, the body, the file name and the scan settings
  • Scan2Me function allows any authenticated user to send scanned documents directly to their own e-mail address
  • Scan2URL can be specified in the Scan2Me/Mail functions to handle large files
  • Scan2Fax function allows documents to be sent as an email attachment to a fax server
  • Scan2Folder function lets users send scanned documents to a server folder such as a shared or public folder
  • Scan2Home function means scanned documents are stored directly in a personal folder in the server’s home directory
  • Includes reporting module, with option to generate reports in one of the supported formats such as PDF, Excel, or CSV

Genius BPM

The BPM Toolbox has been designed to create built-in and customized processes including:

  • Documentation
  • Workflow design
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Tracking

One of the key benefits is that the MPS tools are customizable and can be configured to meet your specific requirements. There are two options for development…

  1. Custom node
    A workflow-based customization that extends the standard interfaces of our BPM engine. This allows customers to add simple or single proceses to their existing solution.
  2. Core extension
    A customer-specific functional extension based on standard interfaces of the solution. This addition requires individual configuration and allows integration with your existing infrastructure.

Here are a few examples of areas where we have successfully increased efficiency through customization…


  • Forms and paperwork
  • Travel expenses
  • Pay statement
  • Application for annual leave


  • Archiving
  • Incoming invoices
  • Payments

Quality Management

  • Documentation with images and archiving
  • Process tracking
  • Change implementation

IT Department

  • Fleet management
  • Fleet support

Digital Office Transition

Genius platform controls and orchestrates the process execution

Digital Office Transition