Overview of the Genius Bytes products

In the following we would like to introduce our different software products.

The aim of the following description of our products is to show the added value of our solutions from the view of the end customer. You can find the technical background on our product pages, which we refer to at the end of each section.

Our solutions can be configured and combined in many different ways. The variety of functions is largely the result of customer requirements. This enables you, as a customer, to successfully implement the goals you have set yourself for your printing, digital and security strategies. This granularity of functions is one of the strengths of our solutions. We try to adapt to you so that you can implement your concepts and goals and do not have to make any compromises.

Genius MFP multivendor solution for multifunctional devices

Genius MFP
– Input and Output Management System

Managed Print Services is probably the most common term associated with our products in the past. Apart from typical functions such as printing, scanning, cost management, reporting, etc. that are associated with this software family, we can do much more today.

The Genius MFP Client is the solution’s user interface on the end device. We offer you an intuitive, graphical user interface. It is as easy to use as a smartphone. This allows for very short familiarization and training periods with the solution, saving time and money.

Genius MFP is one of the few true hardware vendor independent solutions. This means that if you change your hardware vendor, you can continue to work without compromise, with the same usability and without any training period. You can find a manufacturer overview on our partner pages.

What we mean by manufacturer-independent and what we mean by the same look & feel can be seen in the following video. As is well known, pictures say more than 1000 words.


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Nothing falls into the wrong hands. Your documents are waiting for you, protected from access of others. It does not matter on which output devices you want to pick them up. If you wish, we can integrate your existing devices into our solutions, given that they are capable to run software.

Since Genius MFP is the basis for standardization, the solution uses common standard protocols (LPR/IPP/HTTPS) and connection options (REST).
Enforce your rules and specifications. Whether security measures or output formats. You can define the necessary framework conditions that form the necessary basis for your further digitization processes.
Very often the first processes you come across when thinking about your own business processes are paper-based. This is where Genius MFP provides optimal support, whether as an input (print, scan, email, hot folder, etc.) or output (email, archiving, reports, etc.) channel.

Your goal is to reduce printouts? We help you to push your digitization strategy forward. We have no advantage in physically processing your print jobs – on the opposite, as a software manufacturer we can do much more for you digitally. Please contact us.
If it has to be process related, we can also print. We do this, with over 1,000 customers with over 17.5 million print jobs on over 125 million pages per year.

With only one solution you can reduce your equipment costs with investment security. On the one hand by supporting cross-functions such as authentication, pull printing, scan 2 functions, counter readings, etc.

On the other hand, our cross-vendor licenses can be used with all supported vendors, thus securing your investment. Whether your printer and copier fleet follows a single, dual or multivendor strategy or you are currently changing hardware suppliers, you can use our licenses in mixed configurations.

There is no reason to replace a well-functioning and familiar solution only because of new hardware. You probably wouldn’t do that with your archive system either, as this would only lead to considerable additional costs for your IT and your employees.

Genius MFP usually consists of one component for the respective end devices and in the backend the solution is based on the Genius Server, which is an integral part of the solution with its range of functions.

For more detailed functional descriptions, please refer to the product description Genius MFP >

Genius BPM for your processes

Genius BPM
– Enterprise Information Management (EIM)

Figuratively speaking, Genius BPM is a digital IT workshop. No matter what workflow comes into this IT workshop, we find the right tool to process it. If it is missing, we also have the right toolmakers, to stay with this picture. For more information about the customization options we have to offer, please visit the customization pages.

Technically, Genius BPM is equivalent to an Enterprise Information Management system, where BPM stands for Business Process Management, which is one of several core components of the Genius Server. Genius BPM not only defines your processes, but also allows you to track them in real-time. This distinguishes us from many simulation and calculation process solutions. With Genius BPM you can see and “touch” them.

With a graphical process designer (BPM editor) we create the process definition after an analysis. This definition then forms the flow chart of the individual started workflows in the form of individual monitorable instances. In this way you can identify possible bottlenecks in the process.

For the end user, a new process usually presents itself as a new function. Either directly on the MFP or via an integrated web front-end.
The processes themselves can be document-based or completely independent, such as a vacation or investment application.

The advantages are obvious.
You only have to use one solution. If you already use Genius Server and Genius MFP, you don’t need any additional IT infrastructure because Genius BPM is simply activated with additional licenses.

The processes or functions are designed in accordance to your specifications and the joint analysis, so you do not have to make any compromises.

Optimized processes reduce costs and increase the transparency and monitoring possibilities of your business processes.

The solution is centrally managed, simplifying your IT management.

Genius BPM and the Genius Server are one unit, the Genius Server with its range of functions is also an integral part of the solution.

If you are interested in more examples of our EIM tool, please read on Genius BPM here >

Genius Server the digitization platform

Genius Server
– The heart of Genius MFP and Genius BPM

The Genius Server acts as the heart of the Genius MFP and Genius BPM solutions and handles all communication with the IT infrastructure in the customer network.
As a data platform, it connects all required IT infrastructure components. It distributes or executes the various tasks to them, coordinating and monitoring their execution.

The Genius Server provides a wide range of features that can be used by Genius MFP and Genius BPM, separately or together.

This includes application clustering for environments that require high availability and failover. It is the linchpin of the IT architecture of our solution.

In concrete terms, this means that it communicates with the database, the directory service, a fax server, file server and all other configured IT components.

In addition, the Genius Server, which is easy to scale, can take on different roles within an installation to avoid stressing WAN routes too much.

Whether you choose to use one or more Genius Servers depends entirely on your strategy and IT architecture. The Genius Server is already included in the Genius MFP and/or Genius BPM licenses. There are no extra server licenses (except for the OCR function, since it is a 3rd party product).

If you are interested in more technical details, please read on Genius Server here >

Genius EAM pro-active monitoring

Genius EAM Services

What is the Genius EAM Service

The Genius EAM service is a combination of solution specialists and specialized application monitoring software.
This combination allows you to proactively monitor your IT infrastructure solution, using the Genius EAM Server and Software Agents.

Genius EAM (Genius Enterprise Application Monitoring) is based on years of experience in managing large projects.

Printing and Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions such as the Genius platform typically involve many different infrastructure components. To guarantee the quality of a service, it is necessary to monitor all factors and components of the architecture. To address these challenges, we have developed the Genius EAM Service to help you do this.

Genius EAM monitors, detects and identifies infrastructure problems so you can be sure that the Genius platform is working properly. This enables you to shorten the time it takes to troubleshoot problems before they impact your solution. With Genius EAM, you can identify and respond to bottlenecks, avoid unplanned outages, optimize your resources and reduce maintenance costs.

Genius EAM Service focuses its attention not only on monitoring the health of servers and services, but also on monitoring the specific metrics of the Genius platform. Memory, CPU and disk space are system metrics delivered by typical monitoring software.

Genius EAM offers more. It monitors high-level application metrics such as the number of pull print jobs, the number of open database connections, the number of logins performed, the number of errors or locked queues, etc.

Our application specialists install, configure and deploy Genius EAM in your infrastructure. Depending on the type of contract, these experts will monitor your critical IT-system components and suggest solutions in case of a crisis. Ideally before the end user even notices a problem.

Genius EAM beat

Our greatest achievement is to discover a problem even before it happens.

Mattias Horst

CEO, Genius Bytes

Typically, this service is used by customers who would be greatly at risk, if one of our solutions, such as Genius MFP or Genius BMP with Genius Server, would fail.
These customers usually employ a high number of servers or server clusters, or multi-national installations with high criticality.

If this is an interesting topic for you, please contact us – here >

More technical details can be found on Genius EAM here >