Solution impossible?

You have requirements for an application for a multifunctional system that you could not find anywhere else in the required form. We, in turn, find that our portfolio of solutions does not match.

Perhaps it is exactly the right time to create something new.

Contact us, maybe we can help you.

A real customer example

In our example, we had to create a solution that runs without a server. So all functions had to run directly on the end device.

The end customers of our customer should have the possibility to copy or print from mobile devices for a fee. In the end, an invoice with a summary of the printed and copied pages was issued with a barcode for the cash register.

Employees should be able to copy and scan free of charge using a PIN and possibly perform one or two additional scanning processes.

Below is a picture gallery showing the screenshots of this individual solution:

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Customization by configuration
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Customizing by Process Designer
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Expansion by development
Customization by development, man - white
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