Genius Server functional overview

The Genius Server has a modular architecture that can be easily extended. Each module performs a specific task and can be activated or deactivated according to customer requirements.

The Genius Server is the core component of the Genius Bytes solution and combines all services necessary to use both Genius MFP and Genius BPM. Both solutions can be integrated together and run in the same environment. All that is needed are different licenses.

The Genius Server is also known by its old names, MyCDDS, CDDS. CDDS was the abbreviation for “Central Document and Device Service”.

IT Architecture

Architecture and target groups
Free choice of operating system
Multi-database support
Own application cluster feature
Integration of other OMS


Genius Server user management
Manual (Credential) login Web-Frontend
LDAP (MS-AD) authentication provider
Card/Badge authentication provider
Group management
Role management


Direct Print Spooler (DPS)
Delegation printing
Print rules
Pull Printing


Requirements for accounting
User based accounting
Device based accounting
Accounting Data Revision
Web pivot table for accounting data

Quota Management

Quota Management


Scanning functions

Address book

Genius Server address book
External address book connector – LDAP
MS-Exchange personal address book

OCR Detection

Tesseract OCR Module
OCR ABBYY module

Organization Management

Location management
Cost center management
Device Management
Fleet- and asset-management
Management of device and model data


General Reporting

General functions

Security functions
Online Manuals
Functional pre-configurations
KPI Dashboard for Admins
Easy Asset Management
EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)