Genius EAM – Management Summary

The solution consists of two main components. On the one hand an application monitoring software developed specifically for the Genius platform. On the other hand, support experts with many years of experience in complex IT infrastructures and large customer projects. This combination enables the implementation of an often proactive and comprehensive monitoring of Genius MFP, Genius BPM and Genius Server.

How does the service work (prerequisites)

You conclude a service contract with us, in which you select which services and to what extent they should be included. It always includes the installation and configuration of Genius EAM software components, adjustments to fine tune thresholds, etc.

Where to install?

Installation of Genius EAM software components on suitable hardware. That is, the Genius EAM server in a data center, at Genius Bytes or on-site (On Premise).
Installation of the agents. Each Genius Server is assigned an agent that monitors its core functions. The database gets its own agent, which runs on one of the Genius Servers in the cluster as well as a performance agent on one of the cluster servers.
If necessary, your IT team will set up the appropriate ports.

How do servers and agents communicate?

The communication between the agents and the Genius EAM server is secured as follows:
Communication is always from agent to server. Data transfer is secured by certificates, HTTPS and TCP over SSL. The agents themselves do not open TCP/UDP ports. This is the reason why a Genius EAM Server can also be operated in a data center/cloud.

Genius EAM overview architecture

Tasks of Genius EAM agents

Agents and Genius EAM

Features of Genius EAM


User Management

Dashboard (main overview)

Functional overview



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