What is Genius BPM
(Genius Business Process Management)

Genius BPM is one of three ways to customize our solution to your needs.

Genius BPM is the prerequisite for our solution to digitize your processes, to reduce and avoid media breaks and changes. Whenever there is a form of approval process, Genius BPM helps you to implement and document it in a traceable way.

Process and function design

A BPM process consists of several configurable nodes that can be triggered automatically or by user interaction. By using variables, they can be perfectly tailored to business needs and requirements.

It is also possible to create and personalize customer-specific processes. A graphical process designer (BPM editor), which you purchase with Genius BPM user licenses, helps you to define the structure of your processes in workflows. Add objects (nodes), loops, branches, parameters and queries flexibly using drag and drop and use them immediately in your business.

Process and function transition

If we had previously created a new function that was related to end devices, it was necessary to update these systems. What can be done manually with 5 to 10 devices, becomes a challenge if there are more than 50 devices. For this reason, new functions and ideas were not always used, since planning and implementation were often very complex.
With the Genius BPM solution, once created and tested, the new function/process can be easily assigned to a person, device or group. The next time a user logs on, this function is available without rollout.

Genius BPM controls and coordinates process execution

The Genius BPM engine orchestrates all modules to simultaneously enable effective interaction between internal (authentication provider, database, ERP system, CRM system) and external systems (service provider). Thus, all solution-specific processes are optimally controlled and monitored. The Genius BPM solution also allows to optimize the interaction of existing resources in the company (employees, applications and hardware).

The Genius BPM solution provides management, execution and monitoring of business processes. An analysis of this data allows you to detect possible bottlenecks in processes and to correct the processes if necessary.

We eat what we cook

And this in two ways:

On the one hand technically, because Genius MFP also uses the BPM engine. This includes, for example, all scan processes, which are defined as built-in. The difference to Genius BPM is that built-in processes can be configured but not modified, which means they can be changed. However, both use the same powerful core.

On the other hand, we use many of the following examples in our own company. Some of the videos shown here are from our productive environment. You will certainly notice that a process is different here and there or that something is missing for your environment.

But that can be easily changed…

Cross-industry, practical process examples for digitization

The ambition and strategic orientation to push digitization is often present in companies. But where is the best place to start? In order to make it easier to understand the possibilities of our solution, we would like to give you a few practical examples from different departments in companies, which probably exist in almost every industry and every company size.

Of course there are no limits to your imagination.

Human Resources

In the area of human resources, the digitalization of the onboarding process, i.e. the entry of a new employee into your company, can play an important role. Divided into different phases, you can maintain contact with the new employee between signing the contract and the first day in the company, but also prepare your own team for this. Furthermore, wouldn’t it be great if the employee also has all the necessary working materials, laptop and mobile phoneare preconfigured, access control to the company premises is set up and the e-mail address works?
How much of a new employee’s first 100 days can and want to digitize is up to your company goals. You will certainly think of many useful applications.

In many industries, travel is a part of it. Be it that the sales representative visits the customers or the engineer carries out an installation. In most cases, these trips require a great deal of organization, and in many companies this does not start with booking a train, a flight or a hotel, but with a request to the supervisor that a trip must be planned.

If your employees travel, for example within the European Union, they must carry the so-called A1 certificate for foreign social authorities. Since this is not only subject to penalties, it is advisable to integrate this certificate into the process of a trip abroad.

If your employees travel more frequently to countries where a visa is required, the processes can also be automated here.

If you continue to spin this further, you will surely come up with other examples of how the Genius BPM solution can support you in your company with the digitalization, .e.g with a travel expense report with all the paper receipts included.


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For many employees, holidays are one of the best days of the year. For the company, a corresponding organizational process is necessary here. Usually the desired days are agreed with colleagues for the purpose of substitution, a form is filled out and signed by the employee and approved by the manager. This information is then passed on to the personnel department, which then manages this information, archives documents and also enters the leave in the employee administration program, etc.

It still works like this in many companies. This is a very good and typical example for the entry of companies into digitization. Several people from different departments are involved. Often these processes are still paper-based and we can help automate this process with Genius BPM. For example, the representatives and supervisors can be automatically read from the directory services, etc.
And if a vacation has to be cancelled, you can digitally map this process in the future.


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Financial Accounting

Of course, most archiving solutions already have a connection for Windows PCs via printer drivers to their own solution. But what if the generated document comes from a Linux PC or from a host or mainframe system?
Although archive manufacturers offer the support of workstation scanners, this is rather a rarity.
Use the multifunctional devices of different manufacturers, which would be available nationwide with Genius BPM, to perform keywording at the MFP for employees who do not have a computer workstation.
Take the example of travel expense reports: many employees do not have access to a special document scanner, but almost everyone has access to an MFP in your company.

Since the Genius BPM solution is very flexible, different recognition and extraction methods can be used. Integrate external sources or use custom process steps to recognize data from a document and feed it into downstream processes such as payment approval or archiving.
Frequently, we achieve new solutions at our customers, using Genius BPM when the complexity of a workflow increases or when the costs of existing in-house solutions exceed the economic benefits.


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Imagine having everything documented transparently and comprehensibly; from goods receipt to order and invoice verification to payment release. After successful completion, each subtask can trigger the next process in the chain until all tasks are completed. The approval processes follow your internal task and responsibility areas. Payments of less than 50,000 may be decided and released for payment by employee A, up to 250,000 by the supervisor, and everything above that by the person responsible for finance in the company.

The procurement or investment process is almost a classic. Frequently, questions such as:

  • the examination whether it is a low-value asset and thus subject to a different approval procedure than other goods.
  • or checking whether a good to be procured is possibly still in stock, such as mobile phones, computers, etc.
  • whether the planned procurement is already budgeted or whether a budget extension must be applied for,
  • etc.

can be clarified.


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Think of such a procedure in your company.
What else would have to be done in addition or differently?

Quality Management

“Information about a package is as important as the package itself”
Mike Glenn, FedEx

Whenever the so-called metadata (who, when, where, how) of a process is as interesting as the process itself, the Genius BPM solution helps you to go through the process itself, as well as obtain the necessary metadata or enrich it with additional information (images, etc.).

Has an employee already received all valid company agreements?
Do you want to document read receipts from employees or do you have to provide legal documentation obligations / proofs (EU-DSGVO) in order to implement and fulfil these requirements correctly, to protect yourself and your company from damage?
With Genius BPM you can create user-specific tasks using multifunctional devices and/or the integrated web front-end. These tasks must be completed by that person or group before other functions can be used. This way, you enforce a prioritized processing of this task.
Which use case comes to your mind where you would like to force a prioritized processing / knowledge in your company?

Communication is everything. But it is precisely because of the supposedly simple things that major projects often fail.
Inform all those involved about upcoming changes. For example, use the visual possibilities of multifunctional devices for your in-house campaigns. An automated process will help you to make the most of this design advantage.
No matter whether it is a work meeting, the introduction of a new archive system or maintenance work on the SAP system, use the MFP’s communication interface (display) in combination with your change management.

You can find some examples of campaigns here.

IT Department

Those who work with ITIL concepts and processes in IT will appreciate our Genius BPM. IMAC-D stands for the English terms Install, Move, Add, Change and Delete. Adapted to your company environment and working methods, the solution can help you in all areas and automate individual steps completely or partially.
The move process (Move) is certainly different for a PC than for a multifunctional device. With our solution, this can be mapped in a case-related, individual process, controllable and orchestrated manner. You may have outsourced services to third parties, which you need to integrate in a standardized way using workflows defined with Genius BPM.

Two examples from the fleet management for printers and multifunctional systems, which are nevertheless thematically close to our own, are intended to show the possibilities in this area.

  • One of our customers has adapted the supplier’s acceptance protocol, which documents the handovers to his own employees, so that it was scanned directly with the signature of his own employee via a barcode to the master data of the end device as an attachment in a DMS system.
  • Larger companies, which have their own premises with several buildings, may know the problem of “not being found again”, that when departments move, wild moves of multifunctional devices may occur. If you have an external service provider who is responsible for the maintenance, possibly refilling of toner or technical use etc., they can no longer find the moved systems. These can be reached in the network, but the master data for the location is incorrect. Analogous to the above-mentioned forced task for users, this is also possible for mobile device location information. This blocking task can be used so that the next user who logs on to the system that cannot be found must enter the correct location data before he can use the system.

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It would also be possible to create a support ticket directly on the end device. For this purpose, the user’s login data in combination with the basic data of the device are used to create a support ticket on the multifunctional system and forward it to the correct internal or external location.

Many companies keep a guestbook for different reasons. Especially if this is done electronically, an individual workflow can support this.
Imagine the following scenario: a supplier or customer wants to meet you personally in your company for a meeting. You start the process and enter the required data in the predefined process. Depending on the data source, it might even be possible to search for this data from a database so that you do not have to enter already existing information again. You could combine this with a room booking and a calendar entry. All details would then be sent to the visitor and yourself by e-mail. The e-mail to the visitor is supplemented by a barcode, for example. If the visitor arrives at the main entrance, the barcode only has to be scanned from the e-mail (you could also create a “ticket”), so that no further manual action is necessary. By scanning the barcode when entering and leaving you would have done the necessary documentation for your guestbook almost immediately.

A practical example of how we use a Genius BPM process for our internal virtual machine management.

Many useful additional functions of virtual computers have convinced the companies and their IT departments to use these solutions. But if you work with them frequently, it can quickly become confusing.

When setting up and deploying a virtual computer, many parameters must be known for the setup: Memory, number of processors, fat disk size, operating system – to name just a few.
How long will this virtual computer be needed, is it important and how it should be connected to the network? Does it have to be secured or even fail-safe?
Are the resulting costs approved, etc.?
IT also has to maintain and manage some data for each virtual machine.

We ourselves use a large number of virtual computers. For testing, development, training, support, but also for our productive IT infrastructure, etc. The following video shows how we use a process of Genius BPM in our own company to optimize the management and post-processing for our internal IT.


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Summary of a possible integration into your company

You can use our solution for all examples. After successful analysis (you may already have detailed process descriptions from ISO or other certifications), each business process is created as a definition in the Genius BPM solution using the Process Designer and is thus documented and stored.
From this point on, a process can be used as a so-called instance as often as required. Each instance can be monitored, if desired.

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