Adaptation of the standard solution by customers individual enhancements

When do we use this option?

Based on our solutions, do you have a requirement that we did not know about before, i.e. it is not included in the standard of our products? Are you using a proprietary system for which there is no standard?

We have a solution for this as well. To stay with the example of the toolbox or LEGO box, we can also create new tools or blocks with new shapes.

Whether we need to develop an additional tool to our existing ones has usually been determined by the previous analysis.

How do we do that?

The implementation can take the form of a plug-in for the Genius Process Designer, this is usually done for less complex extensions.

Enhancements for the Process Designer can be used directly in it and can be used for various new functions.

However, if it is e.g. about a bi-directional integration via a REST interface, the implementation is carried out, since more complex possibly as an add-on.

And the next update?

But no matter how the implementation is done, your customization will be fully integrated into our solution, but remains marked as such. This is crucial for you because we recognize these enhancements with the next update and do not simply overwrite them. In the same way, serviceability for maintenance and support is maintained, since the solution components communicate with each other via internal standardized interfaces and not the entire solution is changed.

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Customization by configuration
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