New functions provided by the Genius Process Designer

Customization, Configuration, BPM, Women, black

At first moment, you may not be aware of how extensive the possibilities are with which we can make adjustments without additional development.

This is made possible by the Genius Process Designer. You can compare it to a toolbox or a box full of LEGO bricks. By rearranging the components, new functions are created.

BPM Editor Standard Function

Once a new requirement, function or workflow is analyzed and described, whether by the customer, our partners or our own consultants, our implementation specialists are able to take the right parts out of the box and put them together to create a new function.

These can be document-related, but do not have to be!

With just a few clicks, the newly created functions are available and can support you in your processes and workflows.

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Customization by configuration
Customization, Configuration, BPM, Women, white
Customizing by Process Designer
Customziation by BPM with development, man - white
Expansion by development
Customization by development, man - white
New solutions