here we present the customization options we can perform for you:

We create solutions

For many years, one of our strengths has been our flexibility and the will to customize our solution.

We do this to meet your specific goals and exact requirements. Our customers are involved at every stage, so there are never any surprises.

It is important for us to distinguish whether an adaptation is something unique, something that others might need from time to time or something that could benefit almost every customer.

Customization by configuration

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With this we have already listed the most important points.

So if an adaptation provides added value for almost all customers, then it will be incorporated into our products. These can then usually be used by configuration.

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New functions provided by the Genius Process Designer

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The Genius Process Designer enables us to provide individual process steps in a very finely granulated form. New combinations of individual steps create completely new functions.

The Genius Process Designer uses the BPM engine integrated in the server. This is one of our standard modules and is used for the standard functions/processes such as Scan2Mail, etc.

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Expansion by development

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Adaptation of the standard solution by customers individual enhancements.

So sometimes a little something is missing, which we can integrate finely tuned for your individual needs via the BPM module and without extra programming, to meet your requirements. If adaptations on a larger scale are necessary, there are the possibilities to develop them as add-ons.

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New Solutions

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Last but not least, of course, it may be that our existing portfolio does not fit your requirements, but we would not be a software producer if we could not also create completely new solutions, as long as the economic viability is there.

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So much individuality! What about quality and service?

The entire development process is designed to create a customization that can be supported while not having to be adapted again with the next update.

We rely on agile, standardized development methods and tools. Our goal is to ensure quality, whenever possible using automated testing, and to reduce manual effort in QA. All these activities are integrated into our data protection and security concepts.

Don’t compromise

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Customization by configuration
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Customizing by Process Designer
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Expansion by development
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New solutions