Within 6 weeks, our managing director Thomas Pempelforth and Sales Manager Marco Herzberg have visits all focus partners across Germany in 8 federal states and completes approx. 4.000 kilometers of motorway.

We have awarded our successful partners the Platinum, Gold and Silver status

Our first station

The company Office Product Zeitler GmbH from Kirchheim with its managing directors Markus Zeitler and Thomas Pempelforth at the handover of the Gold Partner certificate.

Left to right, Hannes Scherr, Markus Zeitler, Thomas Pempelforth and Susanne Kuch

Next we went to the southeast

Southeast of Germany is our Gold Partner Hippolyt Thum GmbH in Kulmbach. The certificate was handed over to the managing directors Hippolyt Thum senior and Hippolyt Thum junior by Thomas Pempelforth.

Left to right, Hippolyt Thum jun., Hippolyt Thum sen. and Thomas Pempelforth

Deep in the south

Deep in the south of Germany in Hausach at Streit Service & Solution GmbH & Co. KG, Head of Business Unit Streit systec Markus Fuchs and his team leader Asset & Contract Management Edgar Mäntele received us for the delivery of the Platinum certificate.

From left to right, Edgar Mäntele, Markus Fuchs, Thomas Pempelforth, Marco Herzberg.

High in the north

After the south, the northern tour followed. Here at the FKS (Friedrich Karl Schroeder GmbH & Co. KG) in Hamburg.
Procurist Frank Eisermann with our Managing Director Thomas Pempelforth for the presentation of the Platinum certificate.

From left to right, Frank Eisermann and Thomas Pempelforth

To a nice conclusion

Also at the Datec from Heimersdorfergrund we were warmly welcomed to the transfer of the Platinum certificate to the CEO Andreas Luckner.

From left to right, Thomas Pempelforth, Andreas Luckner and Marco Herzberg

Author: Thomas P. + Bernd C.