A practical example of how we use a Genius BPM process for our internal virtual machine management.

Many useful additional functions of virtual computers have convinced the companies and their IT departments to use these solutions

Do you recognize the following scenario?

Like us, you use a lot of virtual computers. Be it for productive infrastructure, for testing, for development or for training purposes. At some point you ask yourself: do we still need this or that virtual machine or can we switch it off?

When setting up and deploying a virtual computer, many parameters must be known for the setup: Memory, number of processors, fat disk size, operating system – to name just a few.
How long will this virtual computer be needed, is it important and how it should be connected to the network? Does it have to be secured or even fail-safe?
Are the resulting costs approved, etc.?
IT also has to maintain and manage some data for each virtual machine.

So in order to structure, document and simplify the whole management process, we use a process that we have implemented with Genius BPM.

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Author: Bernd C.