The previous download portal becomes the Technical Information Center (TIC)

Genius Bytes Technical Information Center Logo

In the future, as a registered partner, you will not only find the latest versions of our solutions in our Technical Information Center, but also additional services that will assist you in your daily work.

The migration and redesign of the Technical Information Center are completed.

You will have access to our tech news for partners, FAQ, extended documentations, movies, etc.

Pictrue from technical information center dashboard

What did we change?

We have redesigned the previous download portal and adapted it to our look and feel. In addition, we migrated all data to another platform to be more flexible in the future.

The goal was to provide you with more useful information.

Our new FAQ area has been extended to also include how-to movies as well as technical news for partners. Also, you will find information regarding devices tested by our QA team and a lot more!

The download area has been supplemented by white papers and other useful documents.

Help us because as a registered partner we are looking forward to your feedback. Let us know if and what you are missing, what could be easier or different. We will then gladly see if we can implement it – as we do with our products.

Please note that we can only grant access to the portal to registered partners or manufacturers.

Author: Bernd C.