Say hello to our new logo

As a brand, Genius Bytes has been around for some time, successfully providing bespoke solutions to some of the world’s largest organisations. But as we move forward and take the next step in our development, we decided we needed to change how we look.

Our new logo is designed to convey strength as well as represent a dynamic forward moving organisation. The large ‘G’ is based on a combination of two elements, a Mobius strip and an arrow. The definitions of these two objects are…

Möbius strip


  1. a surface with one continuous side formed by joining the ends of a rectangle after twisting one end through 180°.

In other words, a continuous loop, with no beginning and no distinguishable end and no front or back, a dynamic, ever twisting circle…



  1. move or appear to move swiftly and directly.

We think that the logo accurately represents our organisation and illustrates our dynamic approach to solutions as well as clear forward thinking, indicated by the arrow. We’re very excited about the future. Tell us what you think?

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Author: Joe Smith