Genius Bytes X-Mas Greetings 2020 Covid-19 style

Christmas party 2020 at Genius Bytes

The COVID-19 pandemic is not leaving us untouched. A hygiene concept supports our colleagues, who then visit the office in person. For example, to ensure support at the devices, to carry out QA or to sift through the mail.

Wherever and whenever possible, the rest works from home. And with all the consequences, such as childcare and hairy friends who clamber over the keyboard on velvet paws.

So it was clear to us relatively early on that we would have to arrange this year’s staff meeting and the subsequent Christmas party differently.

It was obvious that we would have to move to the virtual room, so on Friday, November 20, we unceremoniously asked everyone in front of the computer.

In the run-up to the event, the question arose of how to make the virtual room shine.

So we secretly planned, bought and packed. Each employee received a package in advance, which he was not supposed to open until this date.

Among other things, the package contained typical Christmas treats, an Advent calendar, our first self-designed GB coffee (hot wine) cup (the packing list can be found below ­čśë).

So, we started our online Christmas party by candlelight and made a fuss about the cute things.

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Packing list

  • Christmas online party packing list:
  • Advent Calendar
  • Christmas Stollen
  • Punch Gingerbread
  • Mulled wine
  • A roll of toilet paper
  • D├╝rer Bread (Brown gingerbread)
  • Christmas candle
  • Chocolates Santa Claus
  • Nuremberg gingerbread
  • Nuremberg Elisen gingerbread cookies
  • Cashew chocolate dream gingerbread
  • Fir tree napkin
  • Genius Bytes coffee (mulled wine) cup
  • Spekulatius

Author: Bernd C.