A well-known Italian insurance company providing insurance products such as multi-risk, retirement and investment.

The Challenge

The registration, transmission, transferring and archiving of document processes were handled manually, so it wasn’t possible to keep track of work. Documents that were sent between multiple company locations also entailed shipping costs, which drastically increased costs due to errors. The company wanted to automate and simplify processes; standardize documents, versions, activities and data transfers; and reduce the cost and time being spent.

The solution

Genius Bytes installed Genius DMS, a document management system created by the Genius Platform, which enables the secure storage of documents and allows users to find, read, modify and send them. Information is entered with a few guided steps and documents are automatically sent directly to users based on the data provided. The Genius Platform controls all stages of the process, allowing users to check the progress of a process and see what has and hasn’t been completed.

The result

  • Documents are secure, traceable and homogeneous
  • Processes are structured and streamlined
  • Times and costs of sending and receiving emails almost equal to zero
  • Digital management of processes
  • Step-by-step instructions in each step
  • Access to documents in their latest version
  • Secure documents
  • Monitoring of the work process
  • Completeness of information
  • Automatic document archiving