One of the most profitable petroleum companies in the world and the largest in Asia.

The Challenge

The company’s managerial process became extremely complex, resulting in customer requirements not being met. Common and frequent problems – mostly due to a lack of digital management of the approval flow – led to inefficiencies in the distribution, transfer and versioning of documents. There became a need for a practical tool to manage processes in an easy, quick and efficient way. The company needed to acquire an application that could be used by all employees to automate approval processes, and digitalize and archive documents.

The solution

The company entrusted the management of its internal approval processes to Genius Bytes, who installed the Genius Platform, to ease internal process management. Using its BPM (Business Process Management) engine, the company was able to reimagine processes. Once a user forwards a request, managers receive an email or a notification, which they can approve, reject or request changes for with just one click. This happens through a web user interface, GWeb – a high performing integrated platform accessible from a standard browser. It streamlines processes and makes them more functional and simple.

The result

Seamless control

Automates approval processes, reduces runtimes, eliminates error and the risk of losing information and documents

Digitalized processes

Designs processes tailored specifically to each customer. Guides users through all stages and monitors runtimes. The easy-to-use configurations tools means anyone can modify the process.

Improved communication

Users know what stage the process is at and who is responsible for each task. All information, data documents related to each job are accessible. Users have a global vision of the elements, which are shared securely.

High quality

Offers the final version of documents, which makes compiling faster and automatically controls guarantee the highest quality.

Reduced costs and time

Time is saved and costs savings are made as a result.