Dataport A. ö. R. is a company established in 2004. Today it is one of the best-known data centres in the north of Germany for the public sector.


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The Challenge

About Dataport

Dataport institution under public law (A. ö. R.) has today 3,500 employees and achieved sales of EUR 750 million in 2019. Dataport acts as full service provider for various authorities and public administrations and provides them with various IT services such as data centers, end devices, networks or specialist software. Everything that customers need to work is provided.

Dataport works for the state administrations of Hamburg, Bremen, Schleswig-Holstein and Saxony-Anhalt, for the tax administrations of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Lower Saxony as well as for many municipal administrations in Schleswig-Holstein.

The Challange

Dataport did want to implement a multi-tenant, resource-saving (infrastructure) and multivendor solution in its data center to offer their customers added value at a lower price.

The solution

Heart of the solution was the development of multi-tenant software deployed on hardware used by many customers and tenants in order to achieve synergetic effects in terms of cost reduction and eased supportability. Concurrently all customer data has to be managed separately. This translates into the technical requirement ensuring that the application does not directly exchange or display data between the clients: separate storage and processing of multiple contexts. It enables Dataport to set up a client for each individual context (this could be a subsidiary, external customer, authority, business association or other institution). In individual cases, several clients (sub-customers) can also exist within one context (customer).


The result

Furthermore, the Genius Relay is used to implement a control and monitoring unit at the application level, which is required for correct data flow control in order to cater for the requirement of multiple identical IP addresses that could not be solved by active hardware network components in OSI layers III and IV. The Genius Relay is a software network component (server component) that provides functions of the software across separate networks. These include forwarding print data streams or querying the end devices via SNMP. The Genius Relay needs to perform the functions provided client-specifically. This includes authentication requests from devices, print job receipt from PC or print servers, print output to devices and monitoring of devices. In the described requirements, the Genius Relay becomes an active software component.

As part of the solution, the Genius Bytes product portfolio can be used entirely. Dataport uses ~ 87%.

Additionally, Dataport decided to implement several compound customized reports to streamline internal processes.

With the Genius BPM, we have introduced processes for the defined storage and reuse by other applications, as well as for toner level calculation, automatic toner ordering and delivery coming along with another process for the use of OCR.

You can find out how versatile our solution can be used to digitize processes here Genius BPM >

For monitoring purposes, we also deployed the Genius EAM application ensuring that problems are identified at an early stage upfront. Based on threshold values, the solution prevents issues before the users experience those. This includes permanent monitoring of the Genius server components.
On top, centralized log files and other analysis data are continuously created via the EAM in order to provide a correspondingly constant basis for product improvement.

More details can be found on Genius EAM here >


Project Key Facts

Start: Jan. 20155 Tenants3 Relay Server60 MFP
Status; Dec. 201984 Tenants5 Relay Server1.750 MFP

We would like to thank Dataport for the constructive and collaborative partnership at every point of the project and are looking forward to many more joint years as partners.