With over 20 years of experience worldwide, we specialize in supporting enterprises in process development.

We’re a privately-owned software house specialising in supporting small and large organisations on their journey to digitalization. We have offices in Germany and Italy, and customers in five continents and 39 countries.

Our solutions support more than 100,000 devices, which produce over 80 million prints, 50 million scans and 200 terabytes of information each year. Our goal: to help customers manage their information and transform it into knowledge.

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Software solutions bespoke to your needs

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Direct to MCS

Genius MPS

Manage print activity and improve efficiency of devices.
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Business area

Genius BPM

Monitor and improve your business processes.
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Tech news

Withepaper: IT Security + Data Privacy

Information on IT security and data protection

Since you might also be asked a lot more these days about the state of IT security and data protection inside your company, we compiled a white paper to assist you. It will provide you or your customers and their specialist departments, data protection officers and/or employee representatives with the relevant answers. There is general…

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Basic Training October 2023

A new date for our informative basic training. Learn everything you need to know about installations, configurations, troubleshooting and so much more!

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Basic Trainings August and November 2023

It’s that time again: our informative basic trainings are coming up. Learn everything about installations, configurations, Troubleshootings and much more!

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Successful innovation needs collaboration. That’s why we have developed a valuable network of partners. We train our partners and actively work with them to enhance the services that we offer and meet your objectives.

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